Musical Career History

Kevin started to play guitar when he was 8 years old and performed his first semi-professional gig at the age of 13. He played in local midland based bands in the early stages of his career finding his playing foundations and musical direction. 

KJT relentlessly worked his way through the disciplines of lead, rhythm and bass guitars and finally the drums in order for him to develop his playing ability which gave him the opportunity to experiment with the fundamentals of music and songwriting. He also pushed his voice to the max by working on technical skills to develop his vocal ability and range.

Then came the all important breakthrough that any serious musician strives to experience. After attending endless auditions and subsequent shortlist recalls at tour level around Great Britain, Kevin was finally offered the opportunity to play on a European tour. At 19 years old he played bass guitar and sang lead / backing vocals on his first tour around Germany, Italy, Spain, Greece and Crete. After this experience Kevin knew exactly which direction his musical career needed to go.

After achieving his musical goal of touring, he continued to play alongside amazing accomplished musicians over many years on the road. Record Deals, Songwriting, Recording, Studio Sessions, Live Performances and Tours became the norm.

By mixing a strong cocktail of hard work, learning, acquiring knowledge and experience, KJT's musical career developed to where it is today. He relishes every musical challenge and will take each one of them to the limit. His work ethic is to achieve the highest possible level of expertise and musicianship in every project that he is actively involved with.